Fibre Channel port names

A Fibre Channel (FC) port is a hardware pathway into and out of a node that performs data communications over an FC link. (An FC link is sometimes called an FC channel.)

Full Name Port Function
N-port network port or node port Node port used to connect a node to a Fibre Channel switch
F-port fabric port Switch port used to connect the Fibre Channel fabric to a node
L-port loop port Node port used to connect a node to a Fibre Channel loop
NL-port network + loop port Node port which connects to both loops and switches
FL-port fabric + loop port Switch port which connects to both loops and switches
E-port extender port Used to cascade Fibre Channel switches together
G-port general port General purpose port which can be configured to emulate other port types
EX_port external port Connection between a fibre channel router and a fibre channel switch; on the switch side, it looks like a normal E_port -- but on the router side, it is a EX_port
TE_port trunking E-port Povides standard E_port functions and allows for routing of multiple virtual SANs by modifying the standard Fibre Channel frame upon ingress/egress of the VSAN environment
This was last updated in April 2011

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