Datera Inc.

Datera Inc. is an elastic block storage vendor whose main product is Elastic Data Fabric. The company was founded in 2013 by contributors to open source Linux I/O storage and came out of stealth in April 2016 with the announcement of its Elastic Data Fabric. The product is aimed at DevOps, hyperscale storage environments and cloud service providers. Datera Inc. describes Elastic Data Fabric as cloud storage on premises and can be compared to Amazon Elastic Block Store. It ships as software that can be used on commodity hardware or is packaged as an appliance on SuperMicro x86 servers.

Elastic Data Fabric can also be described as a composable infrastructure, which means its underlying storage and compute resources are treated as services. The software eliminates the need for data storage administrators to provision and create LUNs. It does so by pooling the storage and compute resources in an environment, which allows admins to set per-application policies that define what resources applications need. The software then uses REST APIs to automatically provision or "compose" those resources.

Datera Inc. offers pre-made templates for specific applications that can be used to configure storage and compute resources. Templates are offered for Cassandra, Hadoop, MySQL and container applications, but administrators can also create custom ones. Elastic Data Fabric is sold in a pay-as-you-grow model. Users pay between $.50 and $.60 per gigabyte of storage. Appliances are 2U configurations and can be purchased in 50 terabyte (TB) or 100 TB offerings.

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