DVD Forum

The DVD Forum is an international organization made up of companies using or manufacturing digital versatile disc (DVD)-related products. The Forum, which was originally called the DVD Consortium, was created in 1995 when ten companies (Hitachi, Matsushita, Mitsubishi, Philips, Pioneer, Sony, Thomson Multimedia, Time Warner, Toshiba Corporation, and Victor) joined for the common purpose of promoting DVD worldwide and establishing standardized formats of each DVD application for the marketplace.

From ten founding members, the DVD Forum membership has grown to include some 230 companies worldwide. The Forum's activities are directed by a steering committee that is elected every second year. Separate working groups are established to define specifications, which currently include DVD-Video (this is the most familiar format), DVD-Read-Only Memory (DVD-ROM), DVD-Recordable (DVD-R), DVD-Rewritable (DVD-RW), and DVD-Audio (DVD-A). The DVD Forum issues specifications as separate books of the DVD specification, identified by letters (for example, DVD-R is laid out in Book D). A Verification Task Force (VTF) exists to define test specifications, tools, and procedures to be used and to ensure that products bearing the official DVD logo comply with all specifications.

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