CD-Bridge Disc

A CD-Bridge Disc (sometimes just called a bridge disc) is a compact disc (CD) format that includes extra information on a CD-ROM XA (extended architecture) track, so that the disc can be played on either a CD-i (interactive) player attached to a television, or a CD-ROM XA drive attached to a computer. A bridge disc with appropriate application software may also play on other XA-compatible devices, such as a Photo CD or Karaoke CD player. Video CD (VCD), Photo CD, and Karaoke CD are three bridge disc formats.

CD-Bridge Disc specifications are built on those from the Yellow Book extension, which defined CD-ROM XA, and the Green Book, which defined CD-i, and must conform to the complete requirements of both formats. The complete CD-Bridge Disc definition is described in the White Book, which was released by Sony, Philips, Matsushita, and JVC in 1993.

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