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Dell EMC World 2017: Viewing storage from all angles

Our editors and industry experts offer news and analysis from Dell EMC World 2017, and recap the events leading up to and following the landmark merger.


The show that originally started as the EMC Enterprise Wizards Conference in 2001 is running May 8 to May 11 in Las Vegas under a new name, Dell EMC World.

Well, it's not entirely a new name. Dell World rebranded as Dell EMC World in October 2016, in the wake of Dell's $67 billion acquisition of the world's largest storage vendor. But the May 2017 show is the lineal descendant of the Wizards Conference and the long-running EMC World, and marks the seventh straight year the event is being held in Las Vegas.

Many of the themes at Dell EMC World 2017 will be familiar for an IT/storage conference these days. You'll hear a lot about hyper-converged infrastructure, cloud storage and flash arrays. More traditional storage topics, such as data protection, disk arrays and storage management will also be covered, although pushed into the background a bit.

And because Dell Technologies extends beyond storage, the conference will cover servers, virtualization, DevOps, security, internet of things, software-defined data centers and cloud computing.

The speaker list includes Michael Dell; Dell EMC storage leaders David Goulden, Chad Sakac and Jeff Boudreau; VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger; and industry gurus Andy Bechtolsheim and Tim Berners-Lee.

We'll be reporting the latest news from the show on SearchStorage and our other TechTarget sites. To prepare for Dell EMC World 2017, check out what's been happening with the IT giant since the merger, as well as all the news from EMC World 2016.

1Breaking news-

The latest news from Dell EMC World 2017

Check this section for more updates once the conference is underway.


Dell EMC's cloud strategy for storage seeks more sun

To realize 'digital transformation,' Dell EMC said enterprises need a cloud storage strategy that encompasses multiple cloud targets. Continue Reading


Hot storage techs, startups revealed at Dell EMC World

Hyper-converged infrastructure, venture capital, and IoT storage were on display at this year's Dell EMC World, alongside more established storage technologies. Continue Reading


Dell EMC: PowerEdge 14G will usher in new storage

The 14th-generation Dell EMC PowerEdge commodity servers are based on forthcoming Skylake processors and will support larger NVM Express flash drives. Continue Reading


Unity 2.0 unified storage array boosts flash, processors

Nexsan Unity unified arrays package the NST operating system on branded x86 hardware for block and file storage with secure sync and share. Continue Reading


Dell EMC moves forward with competing hyper-converged platforms

While the vendor is keeping both VxRail and XC appliances, Dell EMC World 2017 features a series of upgrades to its hyper-converged infrastructure. Continue Reading


Flash arrays take center stage on day 1

Dell EMC all-flash upgrades span flagship VMAX and XtremIO SANs, Isilon scale-out file storage and the expanded Dell EMC Unity midrange platform. Continue Reading


Dell EMC launches integrated backup appliance

The Integrated Data Protection Appliance unveiled at Dell EMC World 2017 marks a departure in EMC's enterprise data protection strategy. Continue Reading


Dell EMC has no plans to reduce storage platforms

Dell EMC World 2017 won't see any reduction in the competing midrange storage array platforms created by last year's mega-merger. Continue Reading

2Not just vendor convergence -

Entering the hyper-converged fray

When a server vendor buys a storage and virtualization company, hyper-convergence is inevitable, and Dell EMC is no exception. See where the products stand prior to Dell EMC World 2017.


Two storage trends come together as hyper-converged goes all-flash

As flash and hyper-converged make significant inroads in data storage, VMware users are adopting all-flash vSAN clusters for virtual desktop infrastructure and other workloads. Continue Reading

Blog Post

Hyper-convergence and private clouds merge with Dell EMC's VxRail

The Dell EMC VxRail hyper-converged appliance is available as the underlying storage of the vendor's Enterprise Hybrid Cloud bundle. Continue Reading


VMware bulks up vSAN 6.6 release

Dell's VMware added encryption and data analytics in the vSAN software that powers Dell EMC VxRail hyper-converged appliances. Continue Reading


Dell EMC sells Nutanix hyper-converged infrastructure with its own VxRail

Despite the risk of creating possible competition, Dell EMC continues selling products from Cisco and Nutanix. Continue Reading

Blog Post

Dell EMC sets its sights on becoming No. 1 in the hyper-converged market

EMC plans to overtake Nutanix as the No. 1 hyper-converged infrastructure vendor, with the help of Dell servers and VMware vSAN hyper-converged software. Continue Reading

3All-flash with substance-

Flash storage arrays

The shift from hard disk drives to solid-state drives continues to reshape storage arrays of all kinds. Dell EMC executives state you can never have enough flash in your storage array diet.


Dell EMC adds all-flash version of its Isilon scale-out NAS array

At Dell EMC World 2016, the vendor announced it was bringing all-flash to unstructured data with Isilon All-Flash scale-out NAS array. Continue Reading


VMAX adds high-capacity solid-state drives

Dell EMC enhances flash across the VMAX and Unity platforms with VMAX 250F, inline compression, support for 15 TB SSDs and data-in-place upgrades. Continue Reading

Blog Post

Dell EMC will continue to invest in flash products

The vendor plans to stay the course with its flash storage portfolio, despite overlapping products at the midrange and low end. Continue Reading


Demise of DSSD gives Dell EMC one less all-flash storage platform

Following poor sales, the Dell EMC DSSD D5 flash box is no more. Perhaps the fastest thing about DSSD was how quickly the vendor took it off the market. Continue Reading


Faster flash drives the storage industry forward

Speed and latency improvements are the focus with new enterprise flash storage and memory technologies in 2017 and beyond. Continue Reading

4Head in the clouds-

Dell EMC's cloud strategy

Following the EMC acquisition, Dell's cloud strategy has been examined from all angles, while VMware's cloud services remain a concern.


New platforms available to reach hybrid clouds

EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud 4.0 ships, while its announced Native Hybrid Cloud turnkey developer platform comes with a new VCE VxRail hyper-converged option. Continue Reading

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Post-Dell EMC plug-in adds container driver to support network-attached block

EMC has contributed an open source Apache Mesos container volume driver that supports any network-attached block storage system equipped with a Docker plug. Continue Reading


VMware cloud strategy still unclear

VMware definitely had a memorable year in 2016, but following the Dell-EMC merger, concerns about the vendor's cloud strategy remain. Continue Reading

5Dell-EMC integration-

A closer look at the landmark merger

The close of the $67 billion merger, the largest IT tech deal in history, caused ripples of change in products, technologies and divisions inside the new tech giant.


Dell Software sell-off reduces debt, product overlap

As the Dell-EMC-VMware saga added another chapter with the Dell Software sale, user reviews remained mixed about how the story's ending would affect them. Continue Reading

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EMC's shareholders approve merger in near-unanimous vote

In July 2016, EMC shareholders voted to approve the storage giant's $67 billion merger with Dell. The shareholder vote was considered one of two possible obstacles to the deal. Continue Reading

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Closing day for Dell EMC

Following approval by China's ministry of commerce, Dell EMC set its official closing date for Sept. 7, 2016. Continue Reading


Dell EMC completes $60 billion-plus merger

Dell EMC was officially open for business in September 2016, ending an 11-month transition period after Dell first disclosed its bid. Continue Reading


Dell PowerEdge servers integrated into EMC storage nodes

The newly created Dell EMC launches ScaleIO Nodes on Dell PowerEdge x86 servers, and adds DSSD flash array adapter cards to PowerEdge rack servers. Continue Reading


Where do VMware, Virtustream and Pivotal fit inside Dell?

The Dell-EMC merger opens up opportunities for growth, global expansion and product development, according to the affected vendors. Continue Reading

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Nexsan wins round in court fight vs. Dell EMC

The Nexsan Unity name was upheld by a federal district court, denying Dell EMC's claims of patent infringement. What does this mean for the Dell EMC Unity brand? Continue Reading

6A look back-

EMC World 2016 coverage

Before Dell EMC World 2017 kicks off, you can find all of SearchStorage's coverage of EMC World 2016 below. If you missed anything from the conference, or want a refresher, you can access all of our stories and videos from the event.


The complete guide to EMC World 2016

SearchStorage editors reported frequent updates from the show, with stories and videos capturing customer reaction, as well as company and product news. Continue Reading

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