Dell EMC World 2017: Viewing storage from all angles

Last updated:May 2017

Editor's note

The show that originally started as the EMC Enterprise Wizards Conference in 2001 is running May 8 to May 11 in Las Vegas under a new name, Dell EMC World.

Well, it's not entirely a new name. Dell World rebranded as Dell EMC World in October 2016, in the wake of Dell's $67 billion acquisition of the world's largest storage vendor. But the May 2017 show is the lineal descendant of the Wizards Conference and the long-running EMC World, and marks the seventh straight year the event is being held in Las Vegas.

Many of the themes at Dell EMC World 2017 will be familiar for an IT/storage conference these days. You'll hear a lot about hyper-converged infrastructure, cloud storage and flash arrays. More traditional storage topics, such as data protection, disk arrays and storage management will also be covered, although pushed into the background a bit.

And because Dell Technologies extends beyond storage, the conference will cover servers, virtualization, DevOps, security, internet of things, software-defined data centers and cloud computing.

The speaker list includes Michael Dell; Dell EMC storage leaders David Goulden, Chad Sakac and Jeff Boudreau; VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger; and industry gurus Andy Bechtolsheim and Tim Berners-Lee.

We'll be reporting the latest news from the show on SearchStorage and our other TechTarget sites. To prepare for Dell EMC World 2017, check out what's been happening with the IT giant since the merger, as well as all the news from EMC World 2016.

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4A closer look at the landmark merger

The close of the $67 billion merger, the largest IT tech deal in history, caused ripples of change in products, technologies and divisions inside the new tech giant.

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