Storage Soup

August 2012

Storage vendors

  • VMworld 2012 storage notes

    Dave Raffo - Editorial News Director 31 Aug 2012
  • New VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger found himself attending at least one VMworld event that he would have needed a disguise to get into a year ago. Gelsinger was a special guest at a NetApp party for ...

  • Brocade CEO says he'll leave on a happy note

    Dave Raffo - Editorial News Director 17 Aug 2012
  • Brocade CEO Mike Klayko is stepping down after more than seven years in the position, saying the switch maker’s rosy financial position makes this a good time for a transition at the top. Klayko ...

  • IBM selects 'mature' flash option, buys Texas Memory Systems

    Dave Raffo - Editorial News Director 16 Aug 2012
  • IBM’s acquisition of Texas Memory Systems (TMS) today means there is one less independent flash array vendor out there and one more established storage vendor with a concrete solid-state storage ...

  • Fusion-io looks to steal EMC's Thunder with ION

    Dave Raffo - Editorial News Director 02 Aug 2012
  • Fusion-io this week revealed plans to launch ION Data Accelerator software later this year, giving the vendor the ability to turn a server with a Fusion-io ioMemory flash card into a shared storage ...