Storage Soup

June 2007

Storage vendors

  • Further notes on HP StorageWorks and Technology Forum

    Beth Pariseau - Senior News Writer 20 Jun 2007
  • HP's impressive keynote hall...actually a boxing arena. Welcome back to Las Vegas, where water (a precious commodity in the desert) will cost you $4 a bottle. This week, storage users moved from ...

  • Symantec Vision–Dispatches from Keynote Central

    Beth Pariseau - Senior News Writer 15 Jun 2007
  • Coming to you from sunny Las Vegas, in the "Blogger's Lounge" inside Symantec's Vision City (their name for the show floor). Seemed apropos. In addition to the Blogger's Lounge, which consists of ...

  • Shameful disclosure

    Jo Maitland - TechTarget 13 Jun 2007
  • Word of tapes "falling off the back of trucks" is almost a once-a-month event these days, but the way companies handle the disclosure of these albeit embarrassing incidents is shameful. A coworker ...