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  • NetApp cancels user conference, releases dedupe VTL

    Beth Pariseau - Senior News Writer 28 Oct 2008
  • NetApp was supposed to hold its first-ever user conference, called NetApp Accelerate, in February, but yesterday put out a press release saying the conference has been cancelled. "We had more ...

  • Is dedupe recession-proof?

    Dave Raffo - Editorial Director 24 Oct 2008
  • With the global economy crumbling, Data Domain is the rare company that not only exceeded its financial expectations for last quarter but actually raised its forecast for this quarter. Data ...

  • IBM shrinks SVC, prepares TSM dedupe

    Dave Raffo - Editorial Director 15 Oct 2008
  • IBM spent some time last summer revamping its storage systems, with a new midrange DS5000 system and the first version of the XIV under its brand. Big Blue hasn't been neglecting software, though. ...

  • Riverbed preps primary storage dedupe device

    Dave Raffo - Editorial Director 16 Sep 2008
  • Riverbed took the wraps off what it previously described as its "data center product" Monday, unveiling its Atlas primary data deduplication device at its financial analyst conference well before ...

  • Mr. Backup on Data Deduplication and Compliance

    Beth Pariseau - Senior News Writer 04 Aug 2008
  • A couple of months ago, my co-blogger Tory Skyers wrote a post questioning the impact of data deduplication on evidence preservation and chain of custody best practices for e-discovery data. It's a ...

  • Sepaton promises 40:1 dedupe, or your next disk’s on them

    Dave Raffo - Editorial Director 30 Jul 2008
  • Just about all data deduplication vendors make claims about the dedupe ratios their systems provide, with the caveat that the ratios vary by data type and backup frequency. Sepaton today says it's ...

  • Incipient offers data migration without storage virtualization

    Dave Raffo - Editorial Director 11 Jun 2008
  • While IBM is upgrading its SAN Volume Controller (SVC) virtualization platform, Incipient is taking one of the major features of its storage virtualization product -- data migration -- and spinning ...

  • VendorFights: Data Deduplication Edition

    Beth Pariseau - Senior News Writer 12 May 2008
  • With data deduplication in the news today, I recommend checking out the responses to Jon Toigo's questionnaire for data deduplication vendors. I found his questions about backing up deduped data to ...

  • EMC, IBM, thin provisioning and wild animals

    Beth Pariseau - Senior News Writer 24 Apr 2008
  • My daily rounds of the storage industry web this morning brought me to The Storage Anarchist, a blog by an EMCer that I often find interesting. As it turns out, one of my articles was in his sights ...

  • Data deduplication: no lifeguard on duty?

    Beth Pariseau - Senior News Writer 21 Apr 2008
  • In the course of a conversation today with a new SRM vendor, ArxScan, CEO Mark Fitzsimmons mentioned a use case for the startup's product that had me raising my eyebrows: basically, keeping data ...

  • Data dedupe dance cards filling up

    Dave Raffo - Editorial Director 18 Apr 2008
  • IBM's acquisition of Diligent Technologies today will alter several relationships of major vendors as they look to add data deduplication to their VTLs. Until now, IBM's VTL partner was FalconStor ...

  • ExaGrid, Dell, EqualLogic partner on dedupe

    Beth Pariseau - Senior News Writer 16 Apr 2008
  • Dell's been so acquisitive in storage lately that every new announcement from them, especially about partnerships, has me paying attention. I don't believe that their buying spree is necessarily ...