Storage Soup

June 2007

  • When Plan B fails

    Maggie Sullivan - SEO/Content Specialist 21 Jun 2007
  • This morning Plan B failed. I have high speed internet access into my office, but I pay a small monthly fee to keep a pay-per-minute dial-up account just in case my high speed internet provider ...

  • How much data deletion is enough?

    Billy Hurley 12 Jun 2007
  • We all know that deleting a file doesn't actually "delete" anything. Deletion only marks the file's clusters as free for re-use -- data actually remains tucked away within the sectors of each ...

  • Cross correlation engines reaching into primary storage

    Nicole D'Amour 04 Jun 2007
  • You have seen my writings on (and may even have heard me speak about) Cross Correlation (CC) analytics engine as a necessary part of a Data Protection Management (DPM) product. DPM products make ...