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Data storage strategy

  • Bifurcating enterprise storage

    Randy Kerns - Evaluator Group 09 Mar 2015
  • The enterprise storage market is splitting into two areas that are still indistinct but will become a lot less so. It’s important to understand this evolution if you are to make sense of storage ...

  • Violin Memory still playing out of tune

    Dave Raffo - Editorial News Director 06 Mar 2015
  • Violin Memory initiated a turnaround plan under a new CEO a year ago and still has little to show for it. It’s been a busy year for Violin under CEO Kevin DeNuccio, with several new product ...

  • Storage revenue picked up in Q4, led by ODMs and smaller vendors

    Dave Raffo - Editorial News Director 06 Mar 2015
  • Storage revenue rebounded in the fourth quarter of 2014, no thanks to the large vendors. Total storage revenue grew 7.2 percent to nearly $10.6 billion and external (networked) storage increased ...

  • SwiftStack brings in new CEO

    Sonia Lelii - Senior News Writer 24 Feb 2015
  • Object storage vendor SwiftStack has a new CEO. The company today announced Don Jaworski is taking the helm as co-founder Joe Arnold relinquishes the role but remains president and chief product ...

  • Druva seeks to build out cloud privacy, security

    Dave Raffo - Editorial News Director 24 Feb 2015
  • End point backup specialist Druva has come up with a data protection privacy framework for customers who use its inSync software in the cloud. Druva CEO Jaspreet Singh said 70 percent of new ...

  • Cloud provider Axcient raises another $25 million in funding

    Sonia Lelii - Senior News Writer 19 Feb 2015
  • Cloud-based startup Axcient raised $25 million in a series E funding round this week, bringing the total amount it has raised to $113.5 million. The company plans to hire more engineers, build out ...

  • IBM's spectrum of new storage brands

    Randy Kerns - Evaluator Group 17 Feb 2015
  • IBM has rebranded storage products and introduced XIV as a software-only offering under a new overarching identity – IBM Spectrum. The decoder ring for these products is: This name change will take ...

  • NetApp blames sales slump on budget restraints

    Dave Raffo - Editorial News Director 12 Feb 2015
  • A rocky quarter with a disappointing forecast for this quarter left NetApp CEO Tom Georgens defensive about his company’s product portfolio and strategy. NetApp Wednesday reported $1.55 billion in ...