Storage Soup

April 2012

Data storage strategy

  • Storage product rollouts are more spread out these days

    Randy Kerns - Evaluator Group 30 Apr 2012
  • Last week two major storage vendors made significant system announcements. Hitachi Data Systems rolled out its Hitachi Unified Storage (HUS)  that has block and file support and is aimed at the ...

  • Catching up with dedupe

    Dave Raffo - Editorial News Director 27 Apr 2012
  • It’s been a slow news year for data deduplication. The data reduction technology has yet to make its big splash for primary storage and is taken for granted for backup. But things picked up this ...

  • Will Google Drive cloud storage adoption or IT headaches?

    Dave Raffo - Editorial News Director 26 Apr 2012
  • Just because Google Drive is aimed at SMBs and consumers doesn’t mean the cloud storage service will have no impact on enterprises. Google Drive will almost certainly add to the consumerization of ...