Storage Soup

May 2009

Data storage strategy

  • EMC seeks bone marrow donor for employee

    Beth Pariseau - Senior News Writer 29 May 2009
  • What's the one thing that could make EMC and NetApp not only get along, but work closely together toward a common goal? Trying to save a life. Those two companies along with Cisco and ...

  • 05-28-2009 Storage Headlines

    Beth Pariseau - Senior News Writer 29 May 2009
  • [display_podcast] (0:25) Hewlett-Packard launches Windows 2008-based multiprotocol data storage system for SMBs (2:18) Riverbed Technology's Steelhead and Autodesk's AutoCAD resolve file ...

  • SunGard to open arms - and data centers - to healthcare IT

    Beth Pariseau - Senior News Writer 28 May 2009
  • Washington D.C. isn't the only place where people are paying a lot of attention to healthcare these days. The IT world sees healthcare as a soon-to-be booming market, thanks to billions of dollars ...

  • MA court says Donatelli can start work for HP *Updated*

    Beth Pariseau - Senior News Writer 26 May 2009
  • According to a press release put out by Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) today, a Massachusetts court has ruled that former EMC storage division head Dave Donatelli can start work for HP, provided he ...

  • Broadcom looks to unseat Emulex board

    Beth Pariseau - Senior News Writer 26 May 2009
  • Emulex shareholders must make a choice... Just in case you thought Broadcom was playing around with its hostile takeover bid for Emulex, yet another notice put out by Emulex today highlights ...

  • HDS's anagrammatic announcement

    Beth Pariseau - Senior News Writer 26 May 2009
  • Hitachi Data Systems has put out a brain-teaser for storage industry watchers in anticipation of announcing a new system on a webcast scheduled for tomorrow. HDS CTO of Storage Architectures Claus ...

  • Xiotech resizes Emprise self-healing disk array, says SSDs on roadmap

    Beth Pariseau - Senior News Writer 22 May 2009
  • Xiotech has rolled out a smaller entry-level configuration of its Emprise 7000 array, targeting branch offices and the midmarket. The single-controller Emprise 7000 Edge supports up to 10 of what ...

  • 05-21-2009 Storage Headlines

    Beth Pariseau - Senior News Writer 22 May 2009
  • Please excuse my voice this week, battling a cold. [display_podcast] Stories referenced: (0:25) NetApp acquires data deduplication specialist Data Domain for $1.5 billion (2:15) EMC Corp. reveals ...

  • NetApp looks to get one right

    Dave Raffo - Editorial Director 21 May 2009
  • Like all large acquisitions, NetApp’s $1.5 billion purchase of Data Domain leaves a few lingering questions in its wake. The first is, will this be another acquisition that blows up in NetApp's ...

  • NetApp drops $1.5 billion for Data Domain

    Dave Raffo - Editorial Director 20 May 2009
  • Well, NetApp found a way to make money off data deduplication without charging for its primary deduplication licenses. NetApp acquired Data Domain today for $1.5 billion, giving it the top dedupe ...

  • Photos from EMC World

    Beth Pariseau - Senior News Writer 20 May 2009
  • The decor theme at the Welcome Reception Sunday night seemed to be "art-deco tropical." View of the Gin Blossoms concert from behind the VIP Lounge. The Gin Blossoms perform on a screen (top / ...

  • EMC World Reporter's Notebook

    Beth Pariseau - Senior News Writer 20 May 2009
  • A bear economy and drenching rainstorms raged on outside the Orange County Convention Center during EMC world this week. Inside, though, there were lively conversations in the hallways of the ...

  • EMC's Tucci and VMware's Maritz talk Oracle, Donatelli and cloud

    Beth Pariseau - Senior News Writer 18 May 2009
  • The CEO duo of EMC's empire, Joe Tucci of EMC and Paul Maritz of VMware, did plenty of talking at EMC World today, with a keynote apiece and a press Q&A session this afternoon. The two ...

  • Hifn adds speed and software to data reduction cards

    Beth Pariseau - Senior News Writer 18 May 2009
  • Hifn (now part of Exar Corp.) is taking another crack at getting major OEMs to ship products integrated with its DR line of compression, encryption and deduplication hashing acceleration cards, ...

  • BakBone broadens its message

    Dave Raffo - Editorial Director 15 May 2009
  • Ten days after picking up Exchange CDP vendor Asempra, BakBone Software Thursday grabbed an entire message management division. BakBone acquired ColdSpark for $15.9 million in cash and stock, and ...