Storage Soup

June 2008

Data storage strategy

  • Brocade still a fan (not FAN) of software

    Dave Raffo - Editorial News Director 27 Jun 2008
  • Although Brocade has a lot on its connectivity plate these days as it transitions to 8-Gbps FC switches, plots its move to FCoE and gets into the HBA game, it still has plans for its fledgling ...

  • Litigation update: Sun 1, NetApp 0

    Beth Pariseau - Senior News Writer 26 Jun 2008
  • According to a blog posted today by Sun's general counsel Mike Dillon, at least one of the patent-infringment counts is off the table in court, after the US Patent Office (PTO) granted a ...

  • Nirvanix readying cloud-based NAS

    Beth Pariseau - Senior News Writer 25 Jun 2008
  • Startup Nirvanix today unveiled CloudNAS, which will combine Nirvanix software agents with Linux or Windows servers at the customer site to offer standard NAS storage in the cloud. Until now, ...

  • The enterprise and open-source storage

    Beth Pariseau - Senior News Writer 25 Jun 2008
  • Jesse at SanGod wrote an interesting post the other day entitled "Enterprise storage vs....not." I have a cousin. Very well-to-do man, owns a company that does something with storing and providing ...

  • Yahoo, I hardly knew ye

    Beth Pariseau - Senior News Writer 23 Jun 2008
  • I've watched the story unfold about Microsoft and Yahoo, but from a removed perspective because it has little to do with the storage industry and when it comes to most things Web-based and search ...

  • Symantec’s SwapDrive: $500 a year for 2 GB?

    Beth Pariseau - Senior News Writer 23 Jun 2008
  • I wasn't convinced at first when an alert blog reader flagged an error in my previous posts about Symantec and SwapDrive: a comment from  "kataar" pointed out that yearly, SwapDrive actually ...

  • Users rebel against e-Discovery liabilities

    Beth Pariseau - Senior News Writer 19 Jun 2008
  • Tory Skyers' post about dedupe and the law jogged my memory about recent conversations I've had with users about data compliance and archiving. It's become a big topic for this industry, and as ...

  • Compression, dedupe and the law

    Tory Skyers - The Sasha Company 19 Jun 2008
  • Data deduplication is the poster child of 2008. Everyone is rushing to add this capability to just about everything that could possibly ever sit on a network--I thought I saw an ad for a cable ...

  • Xiotech dumps Daticon to embrace Emprise

    Beth Pariseau - Senior News Writer 18 Jun 2008
  • I had a technology demo Tuesday with Xiotech, where they showed off their new baby, the Emprise storage system. A technology demo might seem like a worse fate than death to most, but I appreciate ...

  • Email archiving latecomer Atempo sweetens deal with file archiving integration

    Beth Pariseau - Senior News Writer 17 Jun 2008
  • Better late than never. Backup software vendor Atempo has ventured into the email archiving market by coming out with the first full integration into its product line of intellectual property it ...

  • Dell says 2.5-inch SAS drives will reinvigorate DAS

    Dave Raffo - Editorial News Director 16 Jun 2008
  • The march of 2.5-inch SAS drives into networked storage took another step today when Dell launched its PowerVault MD1120 storage expansion enclosure. The enclosure is designed with the small form ...

  • Photos from Robotics Competition at Symantec Vision

    Beth Pariseau - Senior News Writer 13 Jun 2008
  • It never ceases to amaze me how easy it is sometimes to turn grown men into kids again. IT geeks gathered at the robotics competition at Symantec Vision actually giggled with delight at the ...

  • Copan gives its MAID more cache

    Dave Raffo - Editorial News Director 13 Jun 2008
  • Copan has enhanced its Revolution 300 Series to beef up its virtual tape library capabilities (VTL) and try and keep distance between the MAID pioneers and those who have followed with disk ...

  • Symantec to build clustered NAS for cloud computing

    Beth Pariseau - Senior News Writer 13 Jun 2008
  • At a Storage Foundation and Veritas Cluster Server roadmap session at Vision on Thursday, a Symantec exec revealed it will be coming out with its own clustered NAS system, based on the next ...

  • Q&A with Symantec about SwapDrive

    Beth Pariseau - Senior News Writer 13 Jun 2008
  • After Symantec confirmed its acquisition of backup SaaS partner SwapDrive on Wednesday, I sent out some questions to Symantec. Here are the responses I got back from a spokesperson: How will ...