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  • Common cloud storage topics: archiving and gateways

    Randy Kerns - Evaluator Group 28 Jun 2013
  • Two storage aspects always enter the discussion when talking about the cloud: archiving and the use of gateways to adapt on-premise environments. Archiving information to a cloud location is ...

  • EMC eyes ScaleIO -- a good fit for ViPR?

    Dave Raffo - Editorial News Director 20 Jun 2013
  • Word is coming out of Israel that EMC is deep in talks to acquire software-based storage startup ScaleIO for a price tag in the range of $200 million to $300 million. ScaleIO came out of stealth ...

  • Nutanix leaves empty seat on software-defined storage bandwagon

    Dave Raffo - Editorial News Director 18 Jun 2013
  • There is at least one vendor who refrains from defining its software-driven storage technology as software-defined storage. Despite its reliance on software for differentiation, hyper-converged ...

  • NetApp scales up Clustered Ontap

    Dave Raffo - Editorial News Director 11 Jun 2013
  • NetApp unleashed Clustered Data Ontap 8.2 today, using the launch to again make its case as the king software-defined storage. Since EMC revealed its ViPR software-defined storage technology plan ...

  • Battle for control of sTec heats up

    Dave Raffo - Editorial News Director 10 Jun 2013
  • Solid-state storage vendor sTec’s management team is in a fight to maintain control of the company ahead of next month’s board of directors election. The vendor and unhappy investment firm Balch ...

  • Panzura's $25 million may be its last funding round

    Sonia Lelii - Senior News Writer 07 Jun 2013
  • Cloud storage gateway startup Panzura pocketed $25 million in a Series D funding round this week, and CEO Randy Chou said he expects it will be the last funding the company needs before becoming ...

  • Beware software-defined lock-in

    Randy Kerns - Evaluator Group 05 Jun 2013
  • “Avoid vendor lock-in” has been a mantra for a long time by other vendors and marketing promotions. Vendor lock-in is equated to a lack of choices or an impediment to making a change in the future. ...