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Xiotech resizes Emprise self-healing disk array, says SSDs on roadmap

Xiotech has rolled out a smaller entry-level configuration of its Emprise 7000 array, targeting branch offices and the midmarket. The single-controller Emprise 7000 Edge supports up to 10 of what Xiotech calls Intelligent Storage Elements (ISE), for a total maximum capacity of 160 TB.

Xiotech product management director Eric Lomascolo says the 7000 Edge also has a direct upgrade path to the dual-controller enterprise Emprise 7000, which supports up to 64 ISE for up to 1024 TB.

Xiotech also sells the Emprise 5000, a direct-attached storage (DAS) box, which users can stack to expand capacity. However, according to Lomascolo, the 7000 series includes software features not found in the 5000, including replication, which can be applied to the entire SAN from a single management point. Each 5000 unit has to be managed separately.

Xiotech has yet to add solid-state drive support to Emprise, but Lomascolo said it’s on the roadmap and Xiotech will consider hybrid as well as purely solid-state offerings. Another trend among disk array vendors has been the development of software for automatic placement of data on SSDs according to performance needs, but Lomascolo said it’s low on the priority list for Xiotech users. “It’s absolutely something we’ll make available, and today you can move data around with integration through our Web services interface,” Lomascolo said. “But what we’ve seen so far from feature functionality surveys is that’s at the bottom of what users really care about.”

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