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W. Curtis Preston let go by GlassHouse

I have just spoken with backup guru Curtis Preston, who confirmed that GlassHouse let him go at 9:30 this morning.  He said there was talk of a drive toward profitability and cutting costs.

But I’m wondering if there’s something else behind it. I’m amazed GlassHouse would let someone of Preston’s stature go the week before Christmas, and — according to him — with no advanced notice.  When I posted the news on Twitter, his former GlassHouse colleague Stephen Foskett also seemed more than mildly surprised.

That said, I am sure Preston will land on his feet, and soon. His visibility in the industry is huge. One of my fellow TechTarget storage bloggers, Taylor Allis, formerly of Sun and now with Capstone Technology Solutions, immediately tweeted back to me saying Curtis should call him if he’s looking. I’m sure that’s only the beginning.

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