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Virtual Instruments offers SOS-4-SAN service

Virtual Instruments, a spinoff from optic communication and test and measurement equipment maker Finisar, is packaging its VirtualWisdom and NetWisdom tools into an “emergency SAN troubleshooting service” called SOS-4-SAN.

Virtual Instruments created the NetWisdom software (along with VirtualWisdom, which accounts for virtual server traffic) that can be used standaone to report on FC SAN performance or combine with Finisar’s Traffic Analysis Point (TAP) network sniffer that sits between a switch and FC SAN. With or without a TAP, the software copies FC SAN traffic, strips away the payload, and dumps header information into a database for analysis and diagnostics.

VI has gotten these tools into some large shops, such as Unilever, the parent company of several household name brands, including Bertolli pasta, Lipton Tea, Slim-Fast diet drinks and Dove soap. Unilever’s SAN vendor Hewlett-Packard brought VI into that installation. After seeing it at work, Unilever’s staff installed NetWisdom permanently in its 5 PB UK data center.

Seems like a pretty good path to market for VI (similar to the one taken by Procedo, which performs compliant data archive migrations and is recommended to customers by major vendors in that market), but this week Virtual Instruments is offering its troubleshooting tools as a managed service, with its own website,

“Many Global 2000 customers are not satisfied with the SAN troubleshooting skills of their current SAN component vendors,” VI VP of marketing Len Rosenthal said. “These vendors really only have visibility into their components (HBAs, switches, cabling, arrays) and, unlike Virtual Instruments, they don’t have the ability to measure transaction traffic flows and error conditions across the entire SAN infrastructure.”

However, the partner business isn’t going away, Rosenthal added. “Some of the larger vendors are beginning to resell VI services as a part of their global service offerings,” he said. “We are planning to work with more of them in the near future to either resell our services or train them to offer SAN troubleshooting services themselves using the NetWisdom and VirtualWisdom products.”

According to a VI press release, customers put in a request via website form or phone, and “a qualified Virtual Instruments services professional will immediately respond at no charge to the customer.” The VI services pro runs through a checklist of common problems to try and determine the severity of the problem. If necessary, VI personnel will travel to the customer site and remain there until the issues are resolved. Fees include a daily rate plus expenses for the services engineers.

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I think it is only natural that mobile devices would soon be attacked in similar ways as desktops.  The idea of being able to carry a phone behind security walls though seems scary.