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Veeam adds new suite, support for EMC's DD Boost

When I spoke with Veeam Software CEO Ratmire Timashev a few weeks ago, he said the virtual machine data protection specialist is working on beefing up its data availability capabilities. Today, Veeam revealed more details about its next version of Backup & Replication software that is due in the third quarter of this year.

First, Backup & Replication 8 will be part of a new package called Veeam Availability Suite. The Availability Suite combines Backup & Replication with the Veeam One reporting, monitoring and capacity planning application. Veeam will still sell Backup & Replication as a standalone app, but Timashev said the vendor will focus on the suite to stress Veeam’s availability features.

“Instead of talking about backup and recovery, now we’re talking availability,” he said.

Veeam already disclosed one key feature of Backup & Replication 8 – the ability to back up from storage snapshots on NetApp arrays. Veeam Explorer for Storage Snapshots will also allow recovery of virtual machine, guest file and applications from NetApp SnapMirror and SnapVault. Explorer for Storage Snapshots already supports Hewlett-Packard StoreServ and StoreVirtual arrays.

NetApp is one of two major storage vendors Veeam is adding support for in version 8. It also includes EMC Data Domain Boost (DD Boost) integration. That allows Veeam customers using Data Domain backup targets to take advantage of EMC’s dedupe acceleration plug-in.

DD Boost is the first dedupe target acceleration software that Veeam supports, but Tamashiv said the vendor is working with Hewlett-Packard to support its Catalyst client.

Storage vendor support is part of Veeam’s strategy to move beyond its original SMB customer base.

“Most of our customers in the midmarket use Data Domain as a disk target,” Timashev said. “Working with NetApp and EMC positions us stronger in the midmarket and enterprise.”

Other new features in Backup & Replication 8 include built-in WAN acceleration with replication to go with its WAN acceleration for backups, Veeam Explorer for Microsoft SQL and Active Directory, 256-bit AES encryption for tape and over the WAN, and enhanced monitoring and reporting for cloud service providers.

Customers will be able to use the WAN acceleration for replication of backup jobs. Explorer for SQL is similar to Veeam’s current Explorer for Exchange application. Customers will be able to restore individual databases from backups or primary storage.

Timashev said snapshot support and Veeam Explorer allow the vendor to meet its goals of providing 15 minute recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs).

“You can take NetApp snapshots every five, 10 or 15 minutes without affecting your production environment,” Timashev said. “We back up these snapshots, and that contributes to our mission of RPO in less than 15 minutes. Veeam Explorer is about fast recovery.”

Availability Suite will be available in the third quarter. Pricing has not been set yet, but it is expected to be slightly higher than Backup & Replication pricing. Backup & Replication’s current per CPU socket prices range from $410 for the Standard Edition to $1,150 for the Enterprise Plus edition.

Gartner storage research director Pushan Rinnen said she agrees with Veeam that greater storage vendor support will help it move into the enterprise. She said Data Domain integration will also strengthen Veeam’s dedupe performance.

“A lot of enterprises have adopted Data Domain as a disk target,” she said. “Data Domain probably has a much better dedupe ratio than Veeam. In some cases, it doesn’t make sense to turn on dedupe on the source side when you can just have the target-side dedupe.”

Rinnen said the replication improvement “allows Veeam to do more failover and failback, helping with DR.”

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