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VMware reports glitch with SRM and NetApp systems

According to a note posted on VMware’s KnowledgeBase website, the server virtualization software maker is recommending that users of NetApp’s FAS arrays in a High Availability System Configuration not upgrade to VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) 1.0 Update 1.

The note says these users have a 50% chance of encountering a bug that means “replicated datastores are not detected correctly” within the application. It’s unclear whether the bug is on the NetApp or VMware side of the equation, but the companies are investigating and can assist customers with downgrading to previous versions if they experience problems.

This is not the first time integration between SRM, VMware’s disaster recovery/failover application for virtual servers, and array-based replication from storage vendors has proven tricky. An HP user also told last week that he experienced some pain while trying to bring his EVA environment up to speed with SRM.

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