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Unitrends buys startup Yuruware for cloud backup

Unitrends today added cloud backup technology to its data protection product line, which already includes physical backup (Unitrends integrated appliances), virtual backup (PHD Virtual) and disaster recovery failover, failback and testing (ReliableDR).

The cloud backup comes from Yuruware, an early stage Australian-based startup that Unitrends acquired today.

Yuruware technology is months away from shipping, but will be built into the ReliableDR software that PHD Virtual acquired from VirtualSharp last year before Unitrends acquired PHD Virtual. ReliableDR allows customers to replicate between sites or into a Unitrends cloud. ReliableDR technology has been integrated into PHD Virtual and Unitrends backup products, and Yuruware technology will extend its capabilities to public clouds such as Amazon Web Services.

“With our backup products today, we have the ability to replicate between two end points,” said Mark Campbell, Unitrends chief strategy and technology officer. “We start running into problems with public clouds when we have to transform a VMware machine into an Amazon machine. We also have problems around the network because VMware has a virtual network and Amazon has its own network [programming] language known as CloudFormation. Yuruware can spin up machines and networks from a local infrastructure into the cloud.”

Campbell said Yuruware has technology similar to Amazon’s pilot light pattern that replicates data that resides outside of a critical database but must be failed over and back to recover from a disaster.

“Yuruware has technology that does that but doesn’t use compute resources [such as Amazon EC2],” he said. “It only uses compute cycles when you want to assemble those objects into an Amazon Machine Instance.”

Unitrends acquired Yuruware out of the Australian incubator NICTA. The startup consists of seven developers and patented intellectual property, which Unitrends plans to expand into full-blown public cloud backup. Campbell said Unitrends will keep the Yuruware team in Australia and add developers.

The roadmap includes expanding Yuruware’s current support for AWS and OpenStack to other public clouds, including Microsoft Azure.

Campbell said Yuruware IP is expected to show up in Unitrends products by the end of this year, with more to come in early 2015.

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