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Unitrends adds Hyper-V support to re-branded virtual backup

Unitrends has gone GA with its first new version of the PHD Virtual Backup application since acquiring PHD Virtual last December. Virtual Backup 8 released last week gained support for Microsoft Hyper-V, and lost the PHD brand.

The product is now called Unitrends Virtual Backup. It joins a roster of Unitrends branded software that includes Unitrends Enterprise Backup (UEB) and Unitrends ReliableDR (previously a PHD product), and the Unitrends Certified Recover Suite that bundles the other three apps. Unitrends also sells a series of integrated appliances that runs UEB software.

Unitrends claims Virtual Backup 8 has more than 140 enhancements, most of them around making the product easier to use in hopes of taking on Veeam Software for virtual backups.

“Simplilcity has always been the No. 1 reason customers pick us,” said Joe Noonan, Unitrends senior product manager. “As we gain larger customers and get into deployments of 1,000 VMs or more, simplicity takes on new requirements.”

The application re-design includes the ability to backup and recover data in four clicks. It is also the first version of Virtual Backup with Microsoft Hyper-V support built in. PHD launched a separate version for Hyper-V earlier this year, but Virtual Backup now supports VMware, Citrix and Microsoft hypervisors in one application.

Virtual Backup does not yet work with Unitrends integrated backup appliances yet, but Noonan said that is on the roadmap. “The first step is to centrally manage everything,” he said. “Then we will integrate it all under the hood.”

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