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Transaction performance management vendor integrates with EMC FAST

With EMC World fast upon us, announcements have begun to take on an EMC theme, including one from Precise Software Inc. that its transaction performance management software is integrated with EMC’s Fully Automated Storage Tiering (FAST) to offer transaction-by-transaction monitoring and storage tier migration.

The software has been generally available since the end of 2009 as part of the EMC Select program. Customers interested in linking critical database and other application transactions with the performance boost available from SSDs can have Precise’s software create a list of “suggestions” of what volumes and transactions could best benefit from Flash storage. An integration between Precise and Symmetrix Management Console can then ‘hand off’ that list of suggestions to FAST, which will perform the migration to higher tiers of storage accordingly. In the ‘handoff’ scenario, the storage manager would manually approve the data movement suggested by Precise.

EMC offers some application performance management through its Ionix IT Operations Intelligence products, but that monitoring is focused on the network rather than transactions,” Precise’s EVP of Products and Marketing Zohar Gilad said.

Of course, EMC FAST is far from the only automated storage tiering software currently available. Gilad said integration with other vendors’ storage tiering software is on the roadmap, but declined to disclose who else Precise might be working with.

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