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The storage industry's holiday wish list

Last Friday we published our annual “What to buy a geek for the holidays” story, which included advice from a panel of geek experts on what types of gadgets non-technical types can impress them with this holiday season.

As we were soliciting suggestions for consumer items, however, some enterprise selections also found their way in, many of them quite clever.

So, without further ado, the things storage pros are hoping for that you won’t find in any store.

“How about an [IBM] XIV that I can attach an Redundant Array of Solar Panels (RASP) to and heat my Ice Fishing house while storing some photos and videos of the fish that got away?” quipped StorageIO analyst Greg Schulz.

Added Wikibon’s David Vellante:

  • A secure cloud
  • A dumpster to haul all my backup tapes that I’ve converted to disk-based backup.
  • A primary storage device that optimizes capacity without sacrificing performance.
  • A virtualization performance guru … make it 5 gurus …

Wikibon security analyst Michael Versace had an even more ambitious gift idea:

I’d buy the RSA Security/VCE vision for how to secure the journey to the cloud. I see the current strategy as best-in-class. I’ve heard, read, and dug into the strategy for those that purport to have a cloud security framework, and other than RSA, they are all either as clear as mud, after-the-fact, completely proprietary, or marketware. Questions for RSA/VCE remain around delivery, strength, messaging, and priorities in their roadmap.

Finally, Enterprise Strategy Group’s Bob Laliberte treated us to a rendition of the 12 Days of Storage:

12 Virtual desktops
11 Snapshots of your data
10 Gig Ethernet
9 FCoE Converged Network Adapters Converging
8 Backups that actually work
7 Endpoint security devices
6 Types of de duplication
5 Token Rings
4 internal private clouds
3 tiers of storage
2 Hypervisors
And a Policy engine with a decision tree

You can read the rest of our (perhaps more attainable) gift suggestions here.

P.S. Another holiday gem came our way via Quantum Corp. this morning — an original song they recorded to bolster their competitive claims. They’ve given us permission to post it here online — think of it as our gift to you. Click here to hear the Quantum song.

P.P.S. UK storage pro Martin Glassborow also has a series of posts at his Storagebod blog detailing wish lists for specific vendors, including HP and EMC, as well as a roundup of vendor bloggers’ wishes as well…

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