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The budget category conundrum

Successful patterns of behavior are repeated. That adage is as good a reason as any as to why storage managers are reluctant to change their storage buying or management practices. Yet fundamental changes in how underlying data storage technologies work are forcing a subsequent change in storage management and procurement. Now is the time of year to lay the foundation for those changes.

The fourth quarter is typically when storage managers plan their budgets for 2008, but classifying new storage products is anything but cut and dry. The days of using budget categories like “backup software,” “disk” and “tape” are coming to an end as continuous data protection (CDP), data protection and recovery management (DPRM) software, disk cartridges, iSCSI storage systems and storage virtualization emerge. These technologies don’t quite fit into the tidy budget categories that storage managers have used over the years.

Storage managers are re-thinking and re-wording budget categories so category descriptions can be more inclusive of new storage technologies. For instance, “backup software” and “tape” might become “data protection software” and “data protection hardware,” respectively, while the “disk” category may be described as a “storage network.” Simple wording changes like these can help storage managers prepare their management teams for the fact that new storage technologies are coming.

Bringing new storage technologies into a company is never an easy task and the larger the company, the more difficult it becomes. However, sticking to storage technologies that have worked in the past is increasingly the wrong way to manage storage. Using new storage technologies, companies stand to get more mileage out of their storage while becoming more efficient in how they manage it. Examining and changing the wording in your budget is a simple way to start the process of change without putting either yourself, or your company, at undue risk.

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