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The Cisco kids?

The AP has reported that execs in Cisco’s Brazilian business unit have been arrested on suspicion of smuggling and tax fraud. Yikes.

Add this to the “storage / networking police blotter” over the last year, which has included such bizarre cases as the HP pretexting flak and a more recent instance of a NetApp manager accused of embezzling travel funds.

Anybody care to start a betting pool on which people from which big company will show up in the news next? It could be like a game of Clue…“EMC, middle managers, jaywalking, in New York City!” “IBM, Board of Directors, unpaid parking violations, in Research Triangle!”

Okay, maybe that’s just me.

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Do you think this investment means Cisco will grow its desktop virtualization business?
I think this article overlooks the other, and you could argue stronger, side of Parallels business which is the hoster control panel business. I think this move may signal Cisco's interest in leveraging hosters as the gateway to SMB IT...but maybe less in actually driving desktop virtualization.
Desktop virtualization leading technology trend in Today's IT, which involves huge datacentre investment. definitely Cisco will make move to have large pie.