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Symantec to build clustered NAS for cloud computing

At a Storage Foundation and Veritas Cluster Server roadmap session at Vision on Thursday, a Symantec exec revealed it will be coming out with its own clustered NAS system, based on the next generation of its Storage Foundation Scalable File Server. This will be accomplished by layering a NAS personality onto Symantec’s existing clustered file system.

“We’re going to leverage our file system know-how to deliver next generation object storage for cloud computing,” said Rob Soderbery, senior vice president of the storage and availability management group.

The system will mostly be used as the back end for Symantec Protection Network SaaS offerings, but will also be available to service-provider customers, according to Soderbery. Currently called Symantec Secure Scalable Storage (S4), the new system is slated for an alpha later this year, beta early next year and live availability for SaaS in mid-2009.

By putting S4 behind its backup SaaS, Soderbery said, Symantec would be able to offer users online access to files backed up through SPN or the Backup Exec SPN integration. “The backup use case would blur with the storage SaaS use case,” he said.

Other roadmap items for Storage Foundation and Veritas Cluster Server highlighted in the presentation:

  • Heterogeneous clustering between server types, OSes and physical and virtual servers with the rollout of the new VCS One product later this year. This builds on an early adopter version of the product released last year called Veritas Application Director. VCS One will use a policy master, and the goal is to support up to 256 mixed OS nodes for multi-tiered application-based HA and DR.
  • Change management through Command Central Storage, also due out later this year. In addition to both proactive and reactive change management analysis for the primary storage environment, the product will also track the impact of changes to the DR plan, and allow for policy-based enforcement of configuration standards.
  • Symantec will also be rolling out Veritas Operations Services. These services are Web-based configuration management offerings. SFPrep, a utility that checks OS versions, patches, etc. when Storage Foundation is installed, is in beta testing. It  will also allow users to submit “goal builds” for review by Symantec’s engineers, who will tell them whether they’ll work or not, and offer remediation if they won’t. “We want to cut out the cycle of deploy, problem, fix,” Soderbery said. He added that out of 800 configurations that had been submitted so far, 25% were problematic.

Ease of use and solving compatibility issues were themes among the roadmap/user feedback sessions at the conference Thursday. Users in a NetBackup roadmap session asked for common management tools to be made avialable for NetBackup and Backup Exec in mixed environments, and for integration with Active Directory and LDAP.

In another session on upgrades to NetBackup 6.5, however, users and analysts praised a newly avialable upgrade process for media servers through LiveUpdate. Previously, updates were only made to the master server through the utility. However, users said they hoped that in future, LiveUpdate could be delivered as a preconfigured virtual appliance, rather than requiring users to set up a separate physical or virtual host on their own to run it.

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