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SunGard to open arms - and data centers - to healthcare IT

Washington D.C. isn’t the only place where people are paying a lot of attention to healthcare these days. The IT world sees healthcare as a soon-to-be booming market, thanks to billions of dollars set aside for electronic healthcare records and procedures in this year’s economic stimulus bill. So it’s no surprise that vendors are positioning themselves to ride the coming wave of digitization in the healthcare field.

SunGard Availability Services is among those making a big push into healthcare. This week it revealed a partnership with IT outsource provider PhoenixHealth Systems to offer data center outsourcing for hospitals, and it will soon launch a service for archiving medical images based on a partnership with InSiteOne Inc.

The InSiteOne-based service, called Secure to Disk, will include compression, encryption, deduplication, audit trails, and content addressing specifically for secure, compliant storage of medical images. The partnership with PhoenixHealth is for hospitals and healthcare centers looking to outsource the entire data center, with a focus on application delivery and availability, although data storage and disaster recovery features are also part of that service.

Glenn Boland, national vice president of healthcare for SunGard Availability Services, says the two services might also be combined in a hybrid public-private cloud – the InSiteOne service would use a shared infrastructure, while services offered through PhoenixHealth use a dedicated infrastructure that the customer must supply or contract for.

SunGard and competitors such as Iron Mountain and HP feel hospitals are especially good candidates to outsource processes such as DR and online archiving services because many hospitals prefer to focus on core medical competencies.

“Even institutions that feel they can house applications better, faster and cheaper in-house are probably taking a harder and harder look at where they spend their storage dollars,” Boland says.

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