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Storage Headlines for 03-05-2009

Here are some stories you may have missed this week:


Stories referenced:

  • (0:25) Storage budgets shrink as capacity grows
    Capacity planning: Users delay top-tier purchases
    Venture capitalist talks storage, economy and the cloud 
  • (2:25) Fusion-io looks to replace your SAN with Flash
  • (3:19) Digital Reef aims for data classification scalability
  • (4:18) Musical chairs going on in the storage industry
     More musical chairs: EqualLogic exec changes roles within Dell
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    How do they determine the yearly savings? Is that taking into account that they already saved so much to cover the initial investment? I'd also be interested in how much the cost of roll out was. I know for us we just simply don't have the budget for a huge project in order to save a little down the road. For us we purchase refurb machines for 250.00 with 3 year warranty because it's what makes sense. We can't afford 3 or 4 hundred dollar thin clients that don't provide even the same experience as a local client, and then take the risk of having to replace them in 4 or 5 years because they might not support a new video protocol that makes the experience closer to local desktops.
    Paraphrasing: "...Thin clients cost $300 vs a $600 laptop..."

    What was the backend infrastructure cost per user? The thin client in of itself cant deliver the desktop. Its a presentation device. C'mon Bridget, complete numbers please...