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Storage Headlines for 01-29-09

Here are some stories you may have missed this week:


Stories referenced:

  • EMC braces for IT spending declines
  • Editor’s note: The Symmetrix numbers in this story have been corrected since this podcast was posted; Symmetrix revenue was down 9% in Q4 year-over-year, but was up 2% for the year overall, not down 2% as was originally reported.

  • Focus on storage efficiency grows as budgets shrink
  • The Internet cries foul over Carbonite Amazon reviews
  • Brocade, Cisco expand data center platforms
  • Hifn offers NIC with compression and encryption

  • Last week’s headlines

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    This could have some real value... if you clued us in to the relevance today. This apparently was put out in 2009, and its mid 2013 now. Please update the article - or put it in a museum.

    If you think the information is no longer relevant then why don't you write an updated version rather than scolding the author. He wrote this for free and I appreciate the information relayed.