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SteelStore becomes NetApp AltaVault

NetApp has rebranded the SteelStore cloud backup appliances it acquired from Riverbed last year, and will sell it on NetApp hardware.

NetApp is selling AltaVault as a physical product on FAS hardware, a virtual appliance for VMware ESX and Micrsoft Hyper-V hypervisors and as an appliance in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure public clouds. The systems integrate with NetApp SnapProtect and most common backup software applications, and can back up to a public cloud or private clouds build on object storage such as NetApp StorageGrid Webscale, EMC Atmos, Cleversafe, OpenStack Swift and Cloudian HyperStore.

The AVA400 physical appliance uses the NetApp FAS8000 controller head. It supports 12 to 72 hard disk drives for between 32 TB and 192 TB of usable local storage and 960 TB of cloud capacity. A 24-drive expansion shelf can be added. NetApp claims a 5.5 TB per hour maximum ingest rate. The AVA400 can run in cold storage mode with 32 TB of usable local storage, 10 PB of cloud capacity and a 350 GB per hour ingest rate.

NetApp plans to add an AVA800 physical appliance in the second half of 2015 that supports 96 drives, up to 384 TB of usable local storage, 1.92 PB of cloud capacity and an 8 TB per hour ingest rate.

The AVA-8, AVA-16, and AVA-32 virtual appliances on ESX and Hyper-V support from 8 TB to 32 TB of local disk capacity, 4.8 PB of cloud storage in backup mode and 10 PB of cloud capacity in cold storage model. The virtual appliances have a 2.6 TB per hour maximum ingest rate.

The AVA-c4 for Azure and AVA-c4, AVA-c8 and AVA-16 for AWS can back up cloud-based workloads or serve as a second or third site for disaster recovery.

The appliances dedupe and encrypt data. Running on the 10u physical appliances brings a significant bump in performance form the smaller appliances that Riverbed used.

Phil Brotherton, NetApp’s VP of cloud solutions said NetApp will continue to support the SteelStore appliances in the field but today’s launch signals the integration process is complete.

“With this release, everything about the product goes into the NetApp supply chain,” he said.

Brotherton said AltaVault is a big part of NetApp’s hybrid cloud storage strategy.

“It is important to integrate on-premise and off-premise data management into a format that customers can use across the board,” he said. “This is a critical component of our data fabric vision.”