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Staples to rebrand Mozy online backup service, EMC drops Fortress name

Office supplies giant Staples is adding a rebranded version of EMC’s Mozy online backup service to its Thrive online backup services, which already include a rebranded version of i365’s EVault for servers. The first release of Staples’ repackaging of Mozy will be targeted at laptop backup and desktop backup. Jim Lippie, president of Staples network services, says the Mozy Enterprise server edition will be added down the road.

In addition to office supplies and EVault, Staples also offers reactive online services for small business IT customers for breakfix and network support through a subsidiary called EZMobileTech. However, this is Staples’ first fully managed IT service , and it will use EMC’s Level 4 data center in New England (originally launched as Fortress) to store the data.

Staples was mum on exactly what customizations they’ve made to the Mozy platform. Mozy COO Mozy Vance Checketts also offered no specifics, but said customization options for data security and interface features are built in to the software for service provider partners like Staples so that modifications to the core product aren’t needed.

In the meantime, Checketts said, EMC is dropping the Fortress name and will refer to the whole infrastructure as Mozy for now. “We’re very carefully looking at what to call the next generation of technologies we’re pulling together – stay tuned for a new name,” he said.

My guess? VMware.

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This article is like attending a lecture of 5 minutes. Not explanatory at all.