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Spectra Logic bolsters BlackPearl storage archive for Amazon cloud

Backup tape specialist Spectra Logic has upgraded the operating software for its BlackPearl Deep Storage Gateway appliance, allowing petabyte-scale enterprises to build a storage archive using multiple Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud tiers.

The Boulder, Colo.-based vendor already supports the AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) by virtue of its S3-compatible Deep Storage Interface (DS3). The 3.x software version adds Amazon Glacier cold storage, S3 Infrequent Access, and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Block Storage (EC2) as destination targets within the BlackPearl tape gateway.

“We built the infrastructure to support Amazon S3. This gives us a hybrid cloud storage archive to go along with the BlackPearl private cloud. We let a customer write data out to any of Amazon’s three storage tiers,” Spectra Logic CTO Matt Starr said.

“Our hybrid cloud allows you to keep a local copy, either on disk or tape or both, and then only in a dire emergency would you have to pull it back from the cloud.”

BlackPearl is tape-based object storage that uses Linear Tape File System (LTFS) on the back end. The hybrid storage archive appliance caches incoming writes on disk and sends it to different replication targets as page sizes approach 100 gigabytes.

BlackPearl’s DS3 interface is modeled after Amazon S3. It uses REST-based command sets to index each tape cartridge with its own file system. Customers can replicate between BlackPearl storage at different sites.

Expanded Amazon S3 integration lets customers replicate data from Spectra Logic devices to AWS S3 storage. Archive data can be automatically restored from Amazon Glacier to local tape or disk. The upgrade supports multiple backup and disaster recovery copies in the cloud and across Spectra Logic’s LTFS tape libraries, Online Archive active archive appliance and ArcticBlue object-based nearline disk storage.

Archive management and retrieval is orchestrated via Advanced Bucket Management policy manager. Other than Amazon fees, Starr said Spectra Logic software enhancements are available at no cost to customers with valid maintenance support contracts.