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Silver Peak, Coraid aim for the cloud

There are no shortages of companies trying to get a piece of the cloud.

Coraid Inc. announced it has contributed drivers for ATA-over-Ethernet (AoE) and its Coraid EtherCloud to OpenStack block storage, while Silver Peak Systems Inc.’s Virtual Acceleration Open Architecture (VXOA) software can be used for WAN optimization in Amazon cloud deployments for off-site replication and lower disaster recovery costs.

Coraid contributed the drivers so that OpenStack open-source clouds can integrate with the company’s EtherDrive scale-out arrays and EtherCloud platform, which automates workflows for storage provisioning and management via a REST API.  The company designs systems based on a lightweight AoE protocol to handle block storage as an alternative to iSCSI.  The AoE drivers allow storage access over massively parallel 10 Gigabit Ethernet connections.

“You can now provision OpenStack storage over the Ethernet. We have done this for enterprises and service providers,” said Doug Dooley, Coraid’s vice president of products. “This is for large scale public or private cloud developments. It’s not for small or medium-sized enterprises.”

While Coraid is trying to advance AoE’s presence in the cloud, Silver Peak is targeting the challenge of moving data to and from the cloud. Damon Ennis, Silver Peak’s vice president of product management and field engineering, said the Silver Peak software improves Amazon Web Service cloud traffic.

Organizations can accelerate data movement from their data centers to the cloud by spinning up a Silver Peak Amazon Machine Image in the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, which allows you to set up a private cloud within Amazon Web Services cloud computing services.

“If your enterprise wants to take advantage of VPC and the Amazon Cloud (data center) is not close to you, this is where Silver Peak comes in,” said Ennis. “The challenge is if customers have to move their data to and from VPC. The customer has Silver Peak in their data center and they can spin up an instance in the Amazon cloud so they can optimize data transfers to the cloud.”

Silver Peak’s offering is available now. Coraid’s new drivers will be available in the next OpenStack, codenamed Grissly that is scheduled for release in April.

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