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Seeding the clouds


When we all get around to writing up those “Look ahead to next year” stories in a few months, there no doubt will be lots of wondering if 2010 will be The Year of the Cloud in storage. It’s obviously too soon to tell if 2010 will indeed by a big year for storage clouds, but it’s becoming clear that late 2009 is The Half-Year of Setting the Table for Cloud Storage.


Whether it’s Hewlett-Packard acquisition of clustered file system vendor Ibrix, NetApp finally getting out its scale-out version of Data Ontap, or the EMC-Cisco-VMware VCE cloud alliance – not to mention the much rumored EMC-Cisco joint venture – the major storage vendors are putting their cloud strategies on the table.


When will customers flock to the cloud for storage? Carpathia Hosting CTO Jon Greaves, whose company launched its storage cloud last April, is banking on that happening next year.



“This is the year everybody wants to talk about the cloud and put their toe into the water,” Greaves said. “Next year will be a key year for the cloud, and storage is the onramp to the cloud for a lot of customers, particularly in the enterprise space because the storage cloud is low risk.”


Carpathia is still putting together its own pieces for its storage cloud product. The hosting service has used ParaScale Cloud Storage (PCS) for NAS since launching its cloud service, and two weeks ago added more pieces for its storage cloud by acquiring security hosting services company ServerVault. Greaves says ServerVault will provide compliance and security for Carpathia’s storage cloud.


“Now we can take the cloud and treat it as a compliance solution,” Greaves says. “We’ll add compliance services by the end of the year.”


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