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Seagate brings back Barracuda with new 10TB hard disk drives

Seagate resurrected the BarraCuda brand name with its latest lineup of 10 TB hard disk drives.

The high-capacity drives, unofficially called the Guardian series, include the BarraCuda computer hard disk drives, the IronWolf for network attached storage (NAS) configurations and the Skyhawk drives for surveillance.

Jennifer Bradfield, senior director at Seagate Technology, said the vendor decided to bring back the BarraCuda brand name (previously spelled Barracuda) after it was changed in 2013 because customers and partners continued to refer to the drive by its original name.

Seagate’s high-end consumer drives were branded as Barracuda for 10 years, until 2013 when the company unofficially retired the name, choosing instead to refer to its hard disk drives as Desktop HDD.

The newest hard disk drives include the standard BarraCuda that comes in 500GBs, 1TB, 2TB and 3TB and the BarraCuda Pro for workstations in 6TB, 8TB and 10TB capacities. They work at 7200 RPM spindle speed along with a bandwidth rate as high as 220 MBs per second with a five-year limited warranty and power-saving features.

FireCuda drives also are part of this group and they combine flash with the latest hard disk drives. They are available in 1TB or 2TB for 2.5-inch or 3.5-inch  form factors.

“We decided to bring back the legacy of BarraCuda,” Bradfield said. “We are trying to make it easier for customers and partners to find our products.”

The IronWolf includes two hard disk drives that target NAS configurations. The standard IronWolf  comes in 1TB through 10TB, while the IronWolf Pro is available in capacities ranging from 2TB through 10TB. The Pro drive is for higher performance and better reliability with a warranty. It’s optimized with the AgileArray firmware, which provides 180TB a year user workload rate.

“We are playing on the idea that wolves are pack animals and NAS operate in packs,” Bradfield said. “The AgileArray firmware makes sure there are no performance drops in system vibrations.”

The SkyHawk hard disk drives, which have been shipping for 10 years, include the latest 10TB drive for surveillance systems and storage systems for network video recording. The SkyHawk also comes with rotational vibration sensors to minimize read/write errors, and a data recovery services options.

While the flash market is gaining more ground in the storage market, Seagate continues to invest in hard disk drives.