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Scality's Ring 5 shows up with remodeled interface and SMB support

Scality this week made version 5 of its Ring object storage software generally available, with support for the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol to access Microsoft Windows clients and servers, a new user interface and a simpler installation.

Scality originally previewed Ring 5.0 last September, emphasizing extra VMware integration through vStorage API for Array Integration (VAAI) and VMware Storage API for Storage Awareness (VASA) support.

Leo Leung, Scality’s vice president of corporate marketing, said the vendor added SMB support because many of its enterprise customers have large Microsoft deployments.

Part of the reason for the easier installation is to allow partners to set up a system with Ring in less than 15 minutes, Leung said. Scality signed a reseller deal with HP last October. The Scality object storage software runs on HP ProLiant servers.

“We have simplified the installation so you don’t have to touch every server or node,” Leung said. “Before you had to configure and install for each node, doing it with Linux.”

Scality uses a decentralized distributed architecture, providing concurrent access to data stored on x86-based hardware. Ring’s core features include replication and erasure coding for data protection, auto-tiering and geographic redundancies inside a cluster.

The new user interface is designed for “point-and-click” to provision resources, while the Central Installation Platform that is included with Ring 5.0 uses the SALT open source configuration management framework to initiate commands, even for cloud deployments.

Scott Sinclair, an analyst with Enterprise Strategy Group, said the content delivery space is an area where Scality has a good fit.

“Scality is very good at creating a large massive repository to hold a lot of digital assets,” Sinclair said.

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