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Scality's RING now pre-integrated with new Dell cloud storage system

Dell and Scality recently added a highly dense, purpose-built cloud storage system that is pre-intergrated with the RING object storage software to their reseller product lineup.

The SD7000-S cloud storage system scales to 688TBs of raw storage in a 4U form factor or 6.9PBs of capacity in a single rank. The jointly engineered SD7000-S has two server nodes, with two Xeon E5-2650 v3 processors per node and a 10GbitE dual port network interface card. There are 90 hot-plug, 8TBs, 3.5-inch disk drives in the 4U enclosure.

The Scality RING can be deployed with three SD7000-S storage servers. The software provides multi-petabyte storage for unstructured data with a single distributed namespace across a single or multiple sites. It has access for file and object storage with optional OpenStack APIs.

The RING software uses a de-centralized distributed architecture, providing concurrent access to data stored on x86-based hardware. Ring’s core features include replication and erasure coding for data protection, auto-tiering and geographic redundancies inside a cluster.

Scality also has a reseller agreement with HP that became official in October 2014, with the Scality software running on HP Proliant Servers.  In August 2015, Scality scored its deal with Dell when it was added to the company’s Blue Thunder program that combines software-defined storage with Dell servers.