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Sanrad to add QoS to storage virtualization products

Sanrad, maker of the iSCSI storage virtualization gateway V-Switch and virtual server HA storage subsystem V-Stor, is adding a new quality of service feature to both its products.

Sanrad VP of product management Allon Cohen, “Storage-intensive I/O can be a barrier to virtualization of some applications.” The company’s quality of service aims to overcome that by letting users throttle and reserve bandwidth for the most performance-intensive applications. This is similar to features offered by array vendors such as EMC and Pillar Data Systems.

However, unlike those storage arrays, Sanrad’s first QoS release will allow for two levels of service only, according to type of disk. A SATA disk pool will have one quality of service and SAS another (arguably the difference in speed between these drives also provides service differences). In the next release, expected in a month or so, Cohen said, Sanrad will add the ability to prioritize LUN by LUN. Sanrad is also releasing an API so users can set policies and thresholds for dynamic monitoring systems. 

The product is currently in beta with partners and will become available at the end of the quarter. Sanrad is formally announcing it in a couple of weeks. QoS will be a free feature included with Sanrad products and a free upgrade for existing users.

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