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SanDisk, Dell team up to deliver DAS cache on PowerEdge

Dell’s newest PowerEdge servers are going to use the SanDisk DAS Cache software to automate high-performance data on SSDs.

The next-generation R730, R73oXD, R630, T630 and R920 uses direct-attached disk storage with SSDs to boost performance for OLTP, OLAP, analytics, business intelligence, HPC and other enterprise applications. The software supports up to 16 TB in each cache, whether it is SATA-based or PCI-e SSDs.

“The software observes the data reads and writes,” said Rich Petersen, SanDisk’s director of software marketing. “It sees data blocks that are accessed more frequently and put it in cache. It’s transparent inside the operating system. It has a very light footprint in the server. The applications don’t see it. They just see it runs much faster.”

The software supports any type of SSD, with customers choosing write-back and/or write-through caching modes. It supports multiple host operating systems, including Windows) and Linux, and Microsoft Hyper-V and KVM hypervisors. VMware and Ubuntu support on the roadmap. The SanDisk DAS Cache will work in any server rack, tower or blade server configuration.

“From the application’s perspective, the write is executed faster,” Petersen said. “It provides redundancy with either software or hardware RAID. Redundancy generally is not needed for reads.”

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