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SNW Notebook

Notes from last week’s Fall Storage Networking World. . . .

LSI’s Engenio was the first systems vendor to make the jump from 2 Gbit to 4 Gbit Fibre Channel in late 2005. But LSI won’t have 8-gig systems when HBAs become available from the likes of Brocade, Emulex and QLogic around the middle of next year.

“We believe in 8-gig Fibre, but we’ll be there with the market, not ahead of it,” said Phil Bullinger, general manager of LSI’s Engenio storage group. “I think it will be a slower roll [than 4-gig] in the market.” . . . .

Encryption is usually the first thing that comes to mind when people think of storage security. But TD Ameritrade security architect Alan Lustiger warns that encryption doesn’t do much good to protect sensitive information in databases from hackers. Lustiger said hackers gain access to storage by getting in through security holes in the network.

“If the bad guys are going in the same way as the good guys, then encryption hasn’t bought you anything,” he says. Lustiger says that securing the operating system and Web servers is more important than encryption. “If you do nothing else, lock the front door,” he said, referring to Web servers. . . .

Two of the founders of Cisco-backed Nuova Systems made an appearance at SNW, but left without shedding any light on the company’s product line. Nuova’s marketing vice president Soni Jiandani and senior fellow Silvano Gai joined QLogic and Network Appliance at a Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) news conference but limited their discussion to the technology itself.

“We’re not launching products or the company,” Jiandani said when asked what Nuova’s role in FCoE would be. “We just wanted to speak about Fibre Channel over Ethernet and 10-gig.” . . . .

H3C, a subsidiary of 3Com based in China and the leading IP SAN vendor there, came to SNW to launch new products but does not intend to sell them in the U.S. “We are here to look for U.S. partners but not to sell systems here,” said H3C’s president Arthur Lee.

H3C’s upcoming products include a high-end IX3000 series that supports SAS and SATA, and will eventually include a Fibre Channel interface — although no Fibre Channel-only systems are on H3C’s roadmap. H3C’s U.S. partners include FalconStor and Intel. . . .

Venture capitalists need to find the next hot technology long before it becomes the next hot technology. So what are the VCs looking at now? Storage services, says Charles Curran, general partner at Valhalla Partners.

“We like storage services,” he said. “There’s a rapid growth of Internet storage, video, and those types of applications and people are looking for services to manage them.”

Services are hardly new, though. Curran said he’s still looking for the type of emerging technology Valhalla identified when it funded companies like LeftHand Networks to take advantage of Ethernet storage and Sepaton for its early position in disk backup.

“I’m trying to find the next tornado,” Curran said. “We don’t have one now.” . . . .

Comings and going: Former BlueArc CEO Gianluca Rattazzi has a new software startup called MaxiScale. The company is in stealth mode, but raised $12 million in funding last March. Other MaxiScale execs included former Attune Networks CTO Francesco Lacapra and former Attune Systems vp of marketing Dan Liddle. . . . Storage veteran Larry Cormier, recently with defunct data classification startup Scentric, now heads marketing at iSCSI vendor LeftHand Networks.

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