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SIOS offers high availability in Azure with Microsoft's backing.

In a sign that more companies are moving important applications to the cloud, SIOS Technology Corp. achieved Microsoft Azure certification to provide customers with high-availability clusters in Azure using Microsoft Windows Server Failover Clustering software.

SIOS targets companies that need to protect business-critical Windows environments from data loss in the cloud. It sells clustering software for both SAN and SANless configurations, providing high-availability for Windows applications using Microsoft Windows Server Failover Clustering. SIOS DataKeeper Cluster Edition software does real-time block level data replication of Windows server environments without the need for additional hardware accelerators or compression devices.

Jerry Melnick, SIOS’ chief operating officer, said the vendor is seeing more customers deploying mission-critical applications in the cloud. These applications include SQL, SAP, and Oracle.

“A year ago, I would have said it is a trickle but that is changing quickly,” Melnick said. “Customers are quickly getting serious in moving these applications in the cloud. What makes us different is the completeness and flexibility of our solution. It provides protection across fault domains transparently. There is no need for changes to your applications or operation process.”

Mission critical applications depending on SAN-based Windows server failover clusters for protection can be moved to Azure and achieve the more comprehensive high availability protection they need. Typically if customers want clustering, the configurations needs one instance of the application in the cloud to guarantee the configurations store data across multiple fault domains.

Melnick said cloud providers offer high availability but not automated failover.