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Red Hat opens check book for Inktank's open-source Ceph

Red Hat doubled down on open source storage software today when it acquired startup Inktank for $175 million. Inktank’s Ceph software gives Red Hat object and block storage to go with the GlusterFS-based file storage that Red Hat acquired  in 2011.

Ceph is an open-source scalable distributed file system created by Sage Weil, who founded Inktank in 2012 and is its CTO. Inktank began selling Inktank Ceph Enterprise as a subscription based storage-only product in November 2013. In February, Inktank upgraded Ceph Enterprise to 1.1 and received formal certification for the Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack platform.

Inktank had $14.4 million in venture funding.

In an FAQ on its website, Red Hat positioned Ceph as complementary to its Gluster-based Red Hat Storage Server.

According to the FAQ:

“By aligning two leading open source communities, Red Hat can offer its customers a very competitive alternative to traditional proprietary storage systems from companies like EMC. Given the size of the storage opportunity, increasing the Red Hat investment in this area made a lot of sense, especially considering Inktank’s strong position with OpenStack.”

The FAQ said Red Hat will continue to sell and support Ceph’s products under the Red Hat brand, and will develop a roadmap to deliver compatible products for file, block and object storage. Red Hat said it will continue to support the Inktank development community.

In a blog on the Ceph community web site, Weil wrote that “Red Hat is one of only a handful of companies that I trust to steward the Ceph project. When we started Inktank … our goal was to build the business by making Ceph successful as a broad-based, collaborative open source project with a vibrant user, developer, and commercial community. Red Hat shares this vision.”

Weil wrote the deal will require Inktank to change one part of its product strategy. Because Red Hat favors a pure open source model, Inktank will make its Calamari monitoring and diagnostics tool open sourced. Calamari is currently proprietary.
Red Hat expects the acquisition to close in May.

On a webcast to discuss the deal, Weil said he would join Red Hat to run the Ceph initiative. Weil and Red Hat CTO Brian Stevens said it was too soon to say whether Ceph will remain a standalone product or be bundled with other Red Hat software, or when we might see open-stack Calamari.

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