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Quorum aims for one-click disaster recovery

Quorum if offering a one-click disaster recovery product that gives customers the ability to prioritize restores.

The company recently announced OnQ Flex solution so customers can designate which servers need quicker restores based on Recovery Time Objectives. OnQ Flex, which is part of Quorum’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) product, offers one-click recovery and one-click testing capabilities whether the servers are on-premises or residing in a co-location.

“Before we offered full-level protection all the time. Now we have introduced something that is more flexible based on what server needs priority,” said Kemal Balioglu, Quorum’s vice president of products.

Typical disaster recovery processes often require hours or days to get back up and running. Balioglu said the OnQ Flex solution offers an instant, one-click recovery after any storage, server or complete site failure with the ability to restore mission critical data instantly while less-critical data becomes available at a later time. Virtual clones of all the protected servers can run on local and remote appliances.

With OnQ Flex, the primary hardware and application can be on premise or a customer-operated co-location. The on-premise configurations that encounter a disaster will fail over to the cloud while a virtual machine will be spun up for a configuration already in the cloud.

“We always have a high availability node on standby,” said Balioglu, “For a single-click recovery to the cloud.”

OnQ Flex provides replication for compressed and encrypted data, integrated server monitoring, Email and text alerts and scheduled health reports.

For data protection and recovery, the solution has full system imaging, sub-file-level incremental updates, global deduplication at the source, and bare metal restores and file-level recovery for any snapshot level. The deployment includes bandwidth throttling for internal and external storage.

Customers are charged through a  prescription-payment model.

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