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Qumulo scales out hardware options through HPE partnership

Qumulo has scored an OEM deal with Hewlett Packard Enterprise to sell the startup’s data-aware scale-out NAS software on Apollo hardware.

Qumulo Core on HPE Apollo will be available on 2u 4200 appliances starting at 180 TB raw per node. Qumulo Core is also sold on 1u and 4u Qumulo QC-Series commodity hardware appliances.

Jeff Cobb, Qumulo VP of product management, said the vendor intends to extend its hardware compatibility list to more HPE models and other server vendors.

“This is definitely the first in a series,” Cobb said. “We’ll follow this with difference sizes and price performance points with HPE, and we’ll add other vendors to our hardware compatibility list.”

DataGravity, another data-aware storage vendor, has stopped selling its own appliances and now sells only software. DataGravity is pursuing partnerships with hardware vendors but has not disclosed any major OEM deals.

Cobb said the HPE Apollo products give Qumulo customers a denser hardware option, and could appeal to organizations that have standardized on HPE hardware.

“We’re a software company, and the value that we have comes from software,” Cobb aaid. “That software has to run on infrastructure, and our philosophy has always been the customers should choose the infrastructure.

He said Qumulo will also extend its file system to public clouds.

Qumulu’s QC-Series includes 1u QC24 (24 TB) and QC40 (40 TB) and 4u QC104 (104 TB), QC 208 (208 TB) and QC 260 (260 TB) nodes. Like the QC-Series, the Qumulo Core on Apollo appliances require four-node minimum clusters.

Qumulo also launched Core 2.5, adding snapshots to its file and object storage. Version 2.5 also includes throughput analytics, intelligent caching of metadata on solid-state drives and improvements to the erasure coding added in version 2.0 earlier this year.