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Quantum makes DXi8500 dedupe device denser, more secure

Quantum is upgrading its DXi8500 enterprise data deduplication disk target appliance to support more capacity and end-to-end encryption.

The capacity boost comes from larger drives and the security features were added through a software enhancement, self-encrypting drives and support for the Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) industry encryption standard. Quantum supports KMIP in its disk and tape libraries.

The DXi8500 now supports 3 TB drives for a maximum of 330 TB of usable pre-deduped capacity in a 19-inch rack. The DXi8500 supported 320 TB before the upgrade, but required two racks to hit that maximum capacity. Quantum also improved performance to 11 TB per hour by making tweaks on the backplane and in software.

With DXi Accent performance enhancement software, the DXi8500 supports AES 256-bit encryption of data in transit and a Secure File Shred feature. The file shredding feature is part of the latest DXi software, version 2.2. Customers can mark files for deletion and then start the secure shred to overwrite those files.

A media server with DXi Accent software will encrypt data sent to the DXi8500 target, which then encrypts data at rest and can encrypt replicated data. Encryption at the target is enabled by self-encrypting hard drive, and encryption of data in transit enabled by DXi 2.2 software. Quantum’s Scalar tape libraries also support the KMIP encryption standard.

Eric Bassier, Quantum director of product marketing, said having the drives perform encryption can speed the process more than 30% over using software encryption on the target device.

The DXi8500 competes mainly with EMC’s Data Domain DD990, the largest of the Data Domain family. According to Quantum’s earnings report last week, revenue from the DXi platform declined year-over-year last quarter but CEO Jon Gacek said Quantum had more than a 50% win rate from the DXi8500. Gacek said he’s happy with Quantum’s product compared to Data Domain, but EMC’s size is a concern.

“On DXi, I think our product portfolio is good,” he said during the earnings call last week. “The thing that makes me nervous about it is we’re small compared to the reference competitor. We do not mind competing with them at all and when I see them talking to customers about our financial results and our size of our company, it just reaffirms the fact that I think we’ve got them when it comes to product solutions. But they’re a big formidable competitor and we just have to be on our game.”

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