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Quantum-Riverbed bout ends with $11M handshake

Backup vendor Quantum and WAN optimization specialist Riverbed Technology dropped their respective data deduplication patent lawsuits against each other this week, with Riverbed agreeing to pay Quantum $11 million. Both sides dropped all claims and agreed not to file more data deduplication patent suits against the other.

The legal scuffle began in October when Quantum charged Riverbed with infringing on a dedupe patent granted to Rocksoft in 1999 and later acquired by Quantum through an acquisition. Riverbed countered in November with its own suit, charging that Quantum’s dedupe products infringe on a Riverbed patent.

From here, the settlement looks like a draw. Quantum got paid, but didn’t get Riverbed to stop using the technology in its WAN appliances as it tried to do in its suit. Such a judgment would have cost Riverbed at lot more than $11 million.


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Do you think an update to the Unified Modeling Language was necessary? Why or why not?
I would like know What changes were made during the last major revision of UML, UML 2.5?
Hi RamRaj2,

This article talks a bit about the evolution of UML. Hope it helps!
Thank you Maxine :)
Interesting. I hope that some attention to the visual syntax is in scope. There is at least one peer reviewed human factors critique.
Diagram Exchange will be most welcome addition to model exchange via XMI.
The UML 2.x documents suffered as many of the contributors appeared to have only a passing knowledge of good English and no ability to express things simply and concisely.
an update for cloud computing scenario and big data symbols