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Quantum: EMC customers still want us

Quantum’s chief marketing officer said it was news to her that EMC customer are swapping out Quantum’s deduplication software installed on EMC Disk Libraries, as EMC division president Frank Slootman claims. According to Quantum CMO Janae Lee, EMC customers have continued to buy Quantum software with DLs even since EMC spent $2.1 billion on Data Domain.

“We don’t have visibility to the swapouts he’s talking about,” Lee said, “but we do see their sales reports and customers are continuing to install what we’re offering. It shows a difference in our approach to Data Domain’s approach. We don’t feel deduplication should be a disrupting standalone product. We’re leveraging installed hardware. There’s a basic difference of opinion about how deduplicsation fits.”

EMC has sold Quantum software with its Disk Libraries as part of an OEM deal signed last year.

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