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Q&A with Symantec about SwapDrive

After Symantec confirmed its acquisition of backup SaaS partner SwapDrive on Wednesday, I sent out some questions to Symantec. Here are the responses I got back from a spokesperson:

How will Symantec integrate SwapDrive into Symantec Protection Network?

SwapDrive offerings are focused on consumers while the Symantec Protection Network is focused on the needs of small and medium businesses. Symantec will continue to offer both.         The needs of consumers and businesses can be quite different.  We expect, however, that consumers, businesses, and partners will all benefit from knowledge sharing that will take place between the SwapDrive and SPN teams.

Is it true that SwapDrive doesn’t backup open files?

SwapDrive accommodates open files differently across the various implementations.  SwapDrive is designed to back up files by automatically shutting them down – backing them up, and then re-opening them transparently to the end user. Further, SwapDrive will implement other “open file” backup techniques as partners request them.

Will SwapDrive add a Mac client?

SwapDrive’s web-based applications, such as the SwapDrive File Sharing and WhaleMail work on all major platforms – including Mac.  For example, there are many Mac WhaleMail users.

SwapDrive’s pricing for 2 GB / year is $50–EMC’s Mozy offers this amount for free. Any plans to change that pricing?

SwapDrive’s current online pricing will keep pace with the market and the value derived. Our service is more robust and redundant than many others offered in the market today. We will constantly innovate and price for the market and value we provide. Services included in some of our products (ex. WhaleMail for sending large files) are not offered by other low cost providers.

SwapDrive also supports numerous partners who offer storage to consumers via different arrangements. For example, Norton 360 includes 2GB of storage as part of the purchase price product. (MSRP $79.99)

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SwapDrive pricing is 10 fold more expensive than stated in the article ! You should not read "SwapDrive’s pricing for 2 GB / year is $50" but 500$ (five hundred)... See the information on = Regards
kataar, thanks for pointing that out. that's really unbelievable.