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Other than ASAP, Microsoft takes its time with StorSimple integration

Three months after closing its StorSimple acquisition, Microsoft is still keeping its roadmap plans under wraps. The only sign of StorSimple integration so far is what Microsoft calls ASAP – the Azure storage acceleration program.

ASAP is a quick and easy way to purchase cloud storage using StorSimple’s controllers and the Microsoft Windows Azure cloud service. Customers can buy a StorSimple iSCSI storage controller with 50 TB or 100 TB of capacity provisioned to move data to the Azure cloud for a hybrid setup using on-premise and cloud storage. That means the purchase and provisioning are handled in one step instead of a customer having to engage StorSimple and a cloud provider separately.

Mark Weiner, a StorSimple executive and now a director of product marketing for Microsoft storage, said purchasing through ASAP lowers the cost of storage capacity by at least 60% versus traditional storage infrastructure.

Weiner said biggest change since the acquisition is StorSimple’s product has gone global under Microsoft. Before the sale, it was U.S.-focused. When asked if StorSimple still worked with other cloud providers, he said, “technically, there’s no reason why we can’t. But obviously we are focused on a joint solution with Azure, either purchased on ASAP or purchased separately.”

Weiner assures us that StorSimple is expanding and improving its technology under Microsoft, and Microsoft sees cloud storage as a big growth area.

“You will see a lot of ongoing innovation from StorSimple as part of Microsoft,” he said. “I still see my engineering colleagues late in the office, there’s no slowing down.”

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