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Nutanix tackles VDI on per desktop basis

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is a big use case for storage that includes flash, as well as storage built for virtualization. Nutanix fits both categories with its hyper-converged Virtual Computing Platform that includes flash and hard disk drives, so it’s no surprise that VDI is a key market for the startup.

This week Nutanix unveiled a per desktop program to make it easier for customers to size their systems for VDI. Customers tell Nutanix how many virtual desktops they want to deploy, Nutanix recommends the right system and guarantees performance based on user profiles. Nutanix has four VDI customers profiles – kiosk, task, knowledge user and power user.

Greg Smith, Nutanix senior director of product marketing, said pricing for the VDI-specific systems start at $200 per desktop for storage and computing. The systems start at 150 virtual desktops.
If performance is unsatisfactory, Nutanix will provide the right hardware and software to make it work, Smith said.

“Normally the onus is on the end user to build it themselves,” he said, “We’re making things simpler. Customers tell us how many VDI users thy have, what types of users they are, and we provide the infrastructure.”

Smith said Nutanix customers often start with VDI and then add other applications to their appliances. Per desktop customers can go back and add servers and clusters for other apps if they want to expand.

Smith said Nutanix’s Prism software optimizes VDI performance, so no other software is necessary except for VMware Horizon View and Citrix XenDesktop.

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